AnimabibNit 02.03
Hi! Nice site ....)
Marco 03.02
The site gave me an opportunity to save !
Dos Santos 04.02
It is good that you have this means of finding a vehicle also in the Eastern Europe. So we can take a recourse to it whenever opportunity arises.
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The AvtoStopom.org website has been created to help all those who wishes to share their cars with other people and also for those who lacks money or possibility to travel between cities and countries.

To all without exception. Drivers can find passengers and hitchhikers can find the right driver for a ride.

Use of the resource for free is welcome. But it is up to everyone to decide on which conditions he or she is ready to co-operate.

Save time and money with us!

Drivers who wish to take passengers on AVTOSTOPOM.ORG

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Passengers on AVTOSTOPOM.ORG

Departure date/time From city To city Number of seats available
15 February 2024 14:00 fellow traveller BY-Minsk Minsk AZ-Baku Baku 1