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Academy Of Free Travels - the website of Moscow HH club "Academy Of Free Travels" that presents plenty of information about club's events, HH clubs, and hitch-hiking in general. Main accent in this site is that one can get ziped books about HH. Most of them are written by Anton Krotov - club's establisher and president where he describes his trips.
Moscow Hitch-hiking School - one of the oldest HH organizations in Russia. Professional hitch-hikers webdesigners run site. Both professionals and non-professionals can find a lot of effective and interesting information in this site.
Saint Petersburg Guild of Hitch-hiking Masters - one of the biggest in the world HH club takes its roots from St. Petersburg HH League which later was beaten up by the Guild. Every week the Guild has lectures and competitions.
Saint Petersburg autostop league (RUS) - The site of the first hitch-hiking club in Russia (founded in 1978).
Saint Petersburg's extreme travels team (Russia) - information about club's activity, expeditions and future projects. Most information in Russian but English version exists.
Moscow club eXtreme trip - club just renewed with new president, new members and new website.
Barnaul Autostop League - Hitch-hiking club in Syberian city Barnaul, Russia. Contains information about the club, news and hitch-hiking events in Syberia.
Latvian Hitch-hiking Club "E67" - The site of the hitch-hiking club in Riga, Latvia. Website contains stories, links.
Ukrainian hitch-hiking club "Mainroad" - recently renovated website of the club contain a lot of links, photos, travelstories and forum.
Utrecht (The Netherlands) Hitchhiking Club BOC - Dutch hitch-hikers' community, which organize various organized hitch-hiking trips in groups.
German Hitch-hiking Club - Website of German hitchhikers' community. All in German language.


Argentinian hitch-hiking resources - First hitch-hiking website in South America, dedicated for hitch-hiking. It contains not just hitching related materials, but also huge archieve of information each of the 23 Argentinian provinces in the section "Provincias".
Blog of Juan Villarino - English blog of Argentinian hitchhiker Juan Villarino, who travels around the world by hitchhiking.


Autostop Chile - Chilean hitch-hiking community


Hitch-hiker's guide in Czechia - is the best website about the country with cities' exits. Nice design thanks to Czech hitcher Ivan Stropek. Czech version that provides with more information.


Hitchhiking in The Netherlands by Frank Verhart - big and great, best ever seen resource about hitch-hiking in this country.
Dutch Hitchhiking Contest - Annual hitchhiking competitions with different destination in Europe every year.
Dutch hitch-hikers' community BOC - Group of young people who organize various organized hitch-hiking trips in groups.
Belgium - Dutch hitch-hiking expedition - reality show - Belgium - Dutch hitch-hiking expedition - reality show Moskow - Bejing. Winner gets 70,000 EUR prize. In Dutch language only.
Maurits Kammer - a hitch-hiker from Netherlands and his tinny info page.


Digihitch - hitchhiking & road travel in search of soul. An interactive hitchhiking portal with free membership! Started in the U.S., the site is designed to bring together hitchhikers from around the globe to share stories, articles, photos, messages and connection. A lot of lins, good forum.
Autostop Guide - internet version of famous book "Europese Liftersgids" (Hitch-hiking Guide to Europe") by Dutch hitch-hiker Daan Toner. Website contains also search within Guide and updates.
Hitchbase - database of exits from cities - Worldwide database of places for hitchhikers - city exits.
Hitch-hiker's Phrasebooks - Hitch-hiker's Phrasebooks for Europen, Asian and American travels.
Articles about HH by Bernd Wechner - Australian traveler who monthly presents a new article about HH for his readers of www.suite101.com. These pages are also very informative for hitch-hikers.
Theory of a Nomad.com - Gabriel Murray is hitchhiking solo around the world in search of truth and adventure all in the name of exploration. He is a young Canadian with a laid back attitude and philosophy of the road only rivaled by the great Jack Kerouac himself. With charm and charisma on his side Gabe is sure to make this a trip of a lifetime.
Robert Monk hitch-hiking archive (USA) - used to be the best HH website in English recently. However it is abandoned now. But still one can find useful information about HH in different places.
Libya - Pros and cons of hitch-hiking in Libya. This story is from 1975.
Hitchhiking Vietnam - Really nice Karina's web site about hitch-hiking in Vietnam. Not much information about hitch-hiking, but you'll find out a lot about Vietnam.
Artoftravel.com - describes hitch-hiking as cheap and attractive kind of traveling. There are information about where, when and who travel by hitch-hiking on this site. Also some good advices are available.
The Tao Of Hitch-Hiking - Marty Segal's guide to Hitch-Hiking. His travel's around France description with some thoughts about hitch-hiking and time changes.
Blog of Juan Villarino hitchhiking trip - Juan Villarino, well known Argentinian hitchhiker, travels arround the world by hitchhiking, showing the World, that hospitality works globally.
Augustas and Katja travel around the world - Augustas and Katja travel around the world by hitchhiking. They started this trip on 13 January 2006 in Mexico.
Ludovic Hubler's trip around The World - Hitch-hiker Ludovic Hubler travels around the world by hitchhiking for several years already.
Blog of Juan Villarino - English blog of Argentinian hitchhiker Juan Villarino, who travels around the world by hitchhiking.


Finnish hitch-hiking webpage - Liftari.org is a forum for Finnish hitch-hikers. Majority of the material is articles by independent hitch-hikers and drivers telling about their experiences. The texts are in Finnish but there's an international corner in the bulletin board. Go ahead and ask your question about Finland there!


Tour of the world by hitch-hiking - Follow the tour of the world by hitch-hiking of Ludovic Hubler, a 25 years old French citizen.
B. Pierret hitch-hiking website - Benua was encouraged by our club and news group 'Autostop' to do something useful in French because before in French it had been only commercial HH web sites. You won't find any links to commercial web sites in there because it is against our ideology.
Frederic Gele's travel around the World - detail description of the travel, diary, maps, etc


German Hitch-hiking Club - Website of German community of hitchhikers. Everything in German language.
Veit's Hitchhiking Pages - Tips, stories, newspaper articles and Golden Rules from long time German hitchhiker Veit
Trampstop - German hitch-hiking website about hitch-hiking withing Germany. Good hitch-hikers' guide for german motorways network.


Kinga & Chopin - The legendary Kinga's and Chopin's hitchhiking trip around the world, which took 5 years.
Pawel Palasz home page - we found by chance. In this site one of the best Polish hitchers describes his trips in Europe and Asia. All trips make big impression even if mostly were in summer time. Some of trips were about 2 months long. The traveler has visited Lithuania as well.


My Autostop - Russian hitch-hiking Portal with almost fresh news, links, etc.
Alex aka Sandy website - Russian hitcher's Alex aka Sandy web site. Personal hitch-hiking experience, huge photo gallery, links to related web sites and a lot of useful information - in Russian and partly in English.
Siberian hitch-hikers meeting "Siberian Elba" - An official web site of this activity. Main facts, stories and pictures from the meeting.
"Volnyj veter" - link to the most popular travel newspaper's in Russia "Volnyj veter" section about hitch-hiking. One will find articles about hitch-hiking travels, expeditions, tips for traveling in different regions.
Website of Ukrainen "Elba" - "Elba" is a traditional meeting (gathering) of hitch-hikers. This is a website of Ukrainen hitchhikers' gathering "Elba".


Slovenska stoparska stranka - There are the information about the places for hitch-hiking in Slovakia, Europe and America. These pages include information about Slovakia, about the places for hitch-hiking, how to get to them...


Stopanje - Manca's web site about hitch-hiking and her opinion about this phenomena.


Travelnotes.org - Information about travelling in various countries.
AdventurAir - Need a free flight? Go ahead! There are so many free seats in planes. More about it you can find in AdventurAir.
Travlang - Travel & Language Supersite.
Backpack Asia - Comprehensive and interactive information, parties and contests to make life sweet for budget travelers in Southeast Asia!...
Spots For You To See - Great collection of links to pages related to any country of the world.


Vladas Sapranavicius - the founder of VHHC (1996), ex-president (1996-2000) and member of the board of VHHC since 1996.
Augustas Kligys - ex-vice president and member since 1997.
Katja Lachmann - Katja from Germany is a member of VHHC since 2004.
Andrius Sytas - member of VHHC since 1997.
Tomas's travel page - Webpage of VHHC member Tomas, dedicated to his hitchhiking trip from Lithuania to Sudan.
Frank's Verhart's HHing in the Netherlands page - Frank is VHHC's member since 2006. His website will be very useful for you if you are going to hitch-hike in the Netherlands.


Pages dedicated to Slovenia country - the idea of this site belongs to club's ex-vice president Augustas Kligys after his unforgettable trip in Slovenia.