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AnimabibNit 02.03
Hi! Nice site ....)
Dos Santos 04.02
It is good that you have this means of finding a vehicle also in the Eastern Europe. So we can take a recourse to it whenever opportunity arises.
Patrick 04.02
Avtostopom.org and webpoputka.com seem to be the only good alternative to sky-rocketing train ticket prices. Thanks guys!
Marco 03.02
The site gave me an opportunity to save !
Sergiy 31.01
Travelling with webpoputka.com is indeed more convenient than by train. I don't have any headache in the morning since we drive in the afternoon hours or in the evening.
Eveline 25.01
Good job guys! I hit on a real charmin guy last time I travelled using your site to get a lift. It was an altogether unexpected bolt out of the blue.
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